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Selling Your Business – Getting the Best Price for Your Largest Investment

When should you think about selling your business?  The best answer is, when you become the owner.  At the earliest stage, consider an exit strategy.  Selling is one way to exit your business.  Other exit strategies can be to take the business public in an initial public offering (IPO) or pass it […]

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Selling Your Business – Showcase Your Value

Profitability is important in valuing your business.  But that’s not the only position of value to consider as you think about selling. You may hear that if your company isn’t profitable you have nothing to sell.  Not always true.  In 1993 I sold a management training firm […]

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Investment Management Coach Blog Launch

Hi, I’m Rita Janaky, an investment management coach located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I work with intelligent women who want to take control of their financial futures. They are typically women who either earned it, inherited it or received it through divorce, and found themselves suddenly facing important […]

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