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William Sharpe: Low Cost can Increase Your Retirement Portfolio 20%

A person saving for retirement who chooses low-cost investments instead of higher-cost ones could have a standard of living throughout retirement that’s more than 20 percent higher according to William Sharpe, professor emeritus of finance at Stanford Graduate School of Business. During this article, he talks about […]

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Passive Investing: The Choice of More Investors

Passive generally refers to investing in index mutual funds or exchange traded funds rather than active managed mutual funds.  The rivalry between the approaches has raged for years, but evidence is mounting for passive funds.  And investors are listening. In 1999, $12 billion of exchange traded funds (ETFs) were issued.  Net […]

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How Do Investment Advisors and Stockbrokers Get Paid? Part2

I’ll continue to refer to the SEC’s website to continue our discussion of fees. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lists how investment advisors get paid.  http://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/invadvisers.htm Q:  How do investment advisers get paid? A:  Before you hire any financial professional-whether it’s a stockbroker, a financial planner, or an […]

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How Do Investment Advisors and Stockbrokers Get Paid? Part 1

Investment advisors, brokers, investment managers, and financial advisors do get paid.  It sounds like a silly statement.  Of course they get paid.  They’re in business to earn a living.  The funny thing is most people don’t know how their advisor is getting paid nor do they know how […]

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Investment Management Coach Blog Launch

Hi, I’m Rita Janaky, an investment management coach located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I work with intelligent women who want to take control of their financial futures. They are typically women who either earned it, inherited it or received it through divorce, and found themselves suddenly facing important […]

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