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Passive Investing: The Choice of More Investors

Passive generally refers to investing in index mutual funds or exchange traded funds rather than active managed mutual funds.  The rivalry between the approaches has raged for years, but evidence is mounting for passive funds.  And investors are listening. In 1999, $12 billion of exchange traded funds (ETFs) were issued.  Net […]

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How to Hang Tough in a Tough Market

These are tough times to be an investor. The stock market’s long-term return of 11-13% fades in relevance as the value of your portfolio declines. Investors begin to doubt their decision to invest in this wild, volatile, crazy, anxiety-creating market. I’m not writing this article to say […]

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Three Reasons to Include Bonds In Your Retirement Portfolio

1) Bonds can reduce portfolio risk by reducing volatility. Creating a portfolio is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Portfolios are built by assembling portions of stocks, bonds, and cash.  Portions of real estate and commodities may also be added. Modern portfolio theory taught us […]

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3 Tips to Keep From Running Out of Money In Retirement.

Your vision is of a white sand beach, you’re in a lounge chair sipping an exotic drink, watching the waves slowly roll in as swimmers frolic in the aqua clear waters. Then you wake up.  You immediately remember you fell asleep struggling with feelings of euphoria and […]

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Markets Come Back in April: How Did You Do?

The April comeback after a 1st quarter retreat brought some relief to investors.  Let’s take a look at index returns in the month of April and where the returns are year-to-date as of April 30, 2008.  Remember, Index returns are for illustrative purposes only. Index performance returns do not […]

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Selling Your Business – Getting the Best Price for Your Largest Investment

When should you think about selling your business?  The best answer is, when you become the owner.  At the earliest stage, consider an exit strategy.  Selling is one way to exit your business.  Other exit strategies can be to take the business public in an initial public offering (IPO) or pass it […]

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Selling Your Business – Showcase Your Value

Profitability is important in valuing your business.  But that’s not the only position of value to consider as you think about selling. You may hear that if your company isn’t profitable you have nothing to sell.  Not always true.  In 1993 I sold a management training firm […]

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How Do Investment Advisors and Stockbrokers Get Paid? Part2

I’ll continue to refer to the SEC’s website to continue our discussion of fees. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lists how investment advisors get paid.  http://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/invadvisers.htm Q:  How do investment advisers get paid? A:  Before you hire any financial professional-whether it’s a stockbroker, a financial planner, or an […]

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How Do Investment Advisors and Stockbrokers Get Paid? Part 1

Investment advisors, brokers, investment managers, and financial advisors do get paid.  It sounds like a silly statement.  Of course they get paid.  They’re in business to earn a living.  The funny thing is most people don’t know how their advisor is getting paid nor do they know how […]

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An Intelligent Woman, the Story of the Woman Who Influenced this Investment Manager

She was feisty, quiet, spiritual, and loving.  She didnt’ believe in talking about others who were not present.  At one time she stood 5′ 2″ tall.  As a child she worked hard milking cows, collecting eggs from the chicken coop, mucking stalls, and then heading to the […]

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