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Your Colorado Springs Investment Manager

Golden Hills Financial Group, LLC (GHFG) is an independent, fee-only, registered investment advisory firm led by an experienced Colorado Springs investment manager.  We offer extensive experience in both investment management and business valuation to help our clients be more financially successful.  Our investment management process removes risky emotion-driven decisions to free-up more time for our clients to focus on their businesses and personal lives.  Our clients also benefit from our low-cost, tax efficient investment strategies that enhance and complement a total wealth plan.

A Colorado Springs investment manager that balances wealth growth and risk aversion

Each investment portfolio is customized to meet the unique situations and financial goals of the client.  We focus on serving our clients through consistent communication. We invest to protect the downside while creating the opportunity for long-term growth through diversified, low cost portfolio construction.
If you struggle with…

  • frustration because you don’t know how well your investments are doing,
  • having the time or the desire to manage your investments,
  • uncertainty or anxiety regarding your financial future,

perhaps we can help.

Are you interested in a Colorado Springs investment manager or a Denver investment manager that can serve your needs?   Read along to see if you answer “yes” to any of these questions.

Are you a person who…

  • has suddenly inherited a large sum of money and want to make good choices?
  • is preparing for retirement and are nervous or concerned whether you’ll have enough?
  • is concerned about how your money is presently being managed?
  • was recently divorced and now you’re responsible for managing your own money?
  • lost a spouse and don’t know where to turn?
  • is confused about available investment management options and afraid of getting burned?

If so, please click on Investments.